Advices for safe and comfortable kayaking

  • Take care of your equipment, take first aid and hygienic stuff with you. Don’t forget about dry clothes, sunscreen and  mosquito repellent. Take some drinking water and food with you.
  • When kayaking always use life-jacket and make sure it’s being worn correctly.
  • Put the kayak in water first and then enter it.
  • Maximum number of persons in kayak should never exceed the one written in guide.
  • Don’t lean over the kayak edge and don’t shake it.
  • Be careful when encountering rocks, trees and other obstacles.
  • Keep safe distance from other kayaks.
  • Don’t stand on your feet when you are inside kayak.
  • Never use alcohol or drugs before or during usage of kayak.
  • Always take care of your safety, take into consideration your skills and never create conditions in which your or other persons health is at risk.
  • When kayaking with children, watch out for them.
  • Make campfires only in places made for it.
  • When camping, use previously made camping spots and don’t litter.
  • Don’t enter reed, save bird nests.
  • Never litter in wildlife, collect all of it and dispose in correct container.
  • Be kind to encountered flora and fauna.
  • If needed, contact us.

You can find animated kayaking instructions here


Vista Expedition parameters

Perception Vista expedition kayak
Lenght 485 cm
Width 82 cm
Height 40 cm
Cockpit lenght 232 cm
Cockpit width 66 cm
Weight 41 kg
Max capacity 300 kg
Material Pressed polyethylene
Adjustable soft seats with declinable back
Adjustable leg supports
Ergonomic handles for carrying
Drainage cork
Inner buoyancy blocks
Integrated drink holders
Easily sealable stuff compartment.

Pella Nova and Pella Mini parameters

Pella Nova
Lenght 440 cm
Width 160 cm
Weight 95 kg
Max capacity 420 kg
Seats 4
Engine 5 hp
Material fiberglass
Pella Mini
Lenght 400 cm
Width 142 cm
Weight 75 kg
Max capacity 272 kg
Seats 3
Engine 2,5-5 hp
Material fiberglass
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