About us

We love kayaks, water, relaxing and comfort.

So, we decided to unite these four miraculous things and we suceeded.

But these four things were not enough, we needed to spice things up, you might suspect what we are talking about – the sharp teeth and tricksy look!

Are you ready for furious kayak ride? You are welcome to appreciate how we suceeded making kayaking immersive and comfortable adventure!

Here is a tip for you, the ferocity of the kayak depends on You and the route you choose.

Why choose Niknās laivas?

We want you to remember boat ride as a comfortable and careless adventure, that’s why we offer You fully equipped kayak.

For your comfort we offer Vista Expedition kayak with adjustable soft seats and declinable back, adjustable leg supports and ergonomic handles for easy carrying. Drainage cork, inner buoyancy blocks, integrated drink holders and easily sealable stuff  compartment.

Sounds better than Your home sofa, right?

For extra comfort we can provide you with sealable bags, inflatable telephone bag, and to capture all the spectacular moments, You can rent GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera.


How to get to the start? Where should you park the car? How to get back?

We thought about that  – our convinient and reliable mini bus will get You and Your companions to the start location and back to your car or home after the row.

Sounds great, right?

All that’s left is to arrange place and time and let’s go kayaking!